A new kind of sneaker
brand. On the path to
zero impact.
The mission: Make the world’s lowest-impact
sneakers. Make them to last. Make them
carbon neutral. And never stop pushing
to make them better.

Sole—94.2% Free
Of Virgin Plastic

The average sneaker sole is almost entirely plastic. We use recycled and natural rubber instead, keeping 18,000 pounds of rubber out of landfills—and cutting greenhouse gas emissions by 54%.

Leather—From A Gold-Certified Tannery

47% less electricity. 62% less water. 46% less CO₂ emissions. ISA TanTec is raising standards for tanneries everywhere. That’s why it’s certified Gold by the Leather Working Group, which maintains environmental protocols for leather.

Laces & Linings—Made
Of Recycled Plastic Bottles

We recycled plastic wherever possible, from laces to insole. 9.5 bottles are renewed to make every pair—with 18% less carbon emitted to make those components.

  • The MINUSEY Capsule Collection

    August 5

    10 styles. limited quantities.